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Orthodox Prayer Rope Bracelet/ Komboskini/ Brojanica/Chotki With Transparent Bead

Orthodox Prayer Rope Bracelet/ Komboskini/ Brojanica/Chotki With Transparent Bead

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********Please keep in mind that these bracelets are made to order. If you have an order or 5 or more bracelets and you have a close deadline, please send me a message prior to ordering!******

This is a 33 knot Orthodox Prayer Rope Bracelet with an option of a transparent bead in the center. These beautiful bracelets are made with 2mm Satin Rattail Cord. Each bracelet is about 8 - 8 1/2 inches. Also has an adjustable end for easy slip-on/ slip off access.

The Orthodox prayer rope is used at any time of the day when we have free time, without being seen by anyone, secretly, we hold the prayer rope with our left or right hand and move from knot to knot with our thumb whispering simultaneously or meditating upon the prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me” or “Most Holy Theotokos save us”.

When praying, the prayer rope is normally held in the left hand, leaving the right hand free to make the Sign of the Cross. When not in use, the prayer rope is traditionally wrapped around the left wrist so that it continues to remind one to pray without ceasing. If this is impractical, it may be placed in the (left) pocket, but should not be hung around the neck or suspended from the belt. The reason for this is humility: one should not be ostentatious or conspicuous in displaying the prayer rope for others to see.

The prayer rope is considered to be the sword of the Spirit, because prayer which is heartfelt and inspired by the grace of the Holy Spirit is a weapon that defeats the Devil.

I would not advise wearing these as showering for it may stretch. :)